Do You Recall?

Encourage your team to continue learning from Russell M. Rush, a sales industry leader, as he explains many of the concepts for success in sales and business. Watch as your sales pipeline fills as never before when your team follows the R3R1 process.

  • Relate more effectively with your prospects.

  • Draw on your personal story to build trust with prospects and reduce buying risk concerns.
  • Identify deal-killing situations.
  • Use offensive and defensive qualifying techniques.
  • Create a powerful series of reasoning messages that will trigger the sale.
  • Develop a company presentation to reduce buyer risk concerns.
  • Prepare differentiation statements that really work.
  • Use your company’s mission statement to close business and make deals with your prospects.
  • Create a suitability presentation that convinces prospects to trust you and buy your product or service.
  • Use a narrow down technique so the prospect purchases your product or service.
  • Blend the answer to the question Why? through your presentation to increase persuasiveness.
  • Create effective pre-closing questions to commit your prospect well in advance of the end of your sales presentation.
  • Create a series of alternate subordinate presentations to use on demand with the difficult prospect.
  • Resolve financial issues that influence the purchase of your product or service.
  • Use a “pre-contract” to refine proposal skills and close business.
  • Increase the quality of sales commitments to reduce cancellations.
  • Use naturalness and genuineness when implementing the sales process.
  • Combine and practice these techniques with your current presentation and increase your overall sales presentation efficiency using the R3R1 practice methods.
  • ….and much more!

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