Why Live Training?

Empower your team with live training! R3R1 educates salespeople on the benefits of a sales process based on behavioral observation. The R3R1 sales education program teaches individuals engaged in sales an effective method to address deep-rooted “commitments” of prospects and their influencers. R3R1 has not only discovered the stumbling block that prevents most prospects from buying your product or service but has also developed a ground-breaking solution to “The Prior Commitment Effect.” Learn how to solve this underlying issue and substantially increases sales conversions through the R3R1 live training course.

What We Do

  • Teach – We teach sales psychology and process

  • Emphasize – We emphasize  performance

  • Encourage – We encourage continual learning

  • Explain – We explain the path to sales success


Review our fast-paced training program and see just some of the insights into what is presented during our 2 ½ days sessions.

Training Center

Join us for a live training session at a comfortable state-of-the-art classroom.


R3R1 ongoing training provided on a concierge basis.  (Limited availability – contact R3R1 for details.) 


Increase revenue and decrease customer acquisition costs by enrolling in the R3R1 sales training program. Learning the R3R1 formula will give you better sales results – it is that simple.