Our Mission

Reduce customer acquisition costs by increasing conversion rates at point of sale.

Using the process of Relate>Reason>Resolve =Results™ our focus is on point of sales strategies. Our clients save money that would otherwise be spent on additional marketing and advertising programs.

Sales are the most important part of any business, because without increasing top line revenue your business cannot survive and grow. Using the R3R1™ formula, your sales team will convert more prospects -ones that are already responding to your current advertising program.

  • Sales is a science and an art
  • Sales is an honorable profession
  • Salespeople are not born –they are educated and coached
  • A sales process based on Relate>Reason>Resolve =Results™ is fundamental to success
  • Sales organizations that implement the R3R1™ process can produce outstanding results


Increase revenue and decrease customer acquisition costs by enrolling in the R3R1 sales training program. Learning the R3R1 formula will give you better sales results – it is that simple.