The following list represents a few of my recommendations. I have added links where, if currently available, you can access these materials.

If you have not read the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, I strongly encourage you to do so. I took the Dale Carnegie course and read his book in the early 1980’s. Although its original publishing date is 1936, this book made a difference in my early sales career, and many of the points that I learned way back then have contributed to many successes along the way. How to Win Friends and Influence People is still a relevant read.

I had the privilege of meeting Brad Kerfoot in the early 1980’s when I attended a speech he gave in Wichita, Kansas. Brad’s book, The Professional Automobile Salesman’s Bible helped me improve the art of negotiation, which was essential in car sales since trade value was the major issue to be negotiated.

Success and the Self-Image by Zig Ziegler is a favorite of mine. I cannot get enough of Zig, especially of his recordings. What he had to say was timeless and always informative. I loved his practicality.

The book by author, Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich is a great book to teach the art of goal setting. I did not take away from his book that a person necessarily needs or wants to be rich, rather they must set their mind to their goals to be successful. Although “Think and Grow Rich” was originally published in 1937 the content and principles are just as valid today.

I read the book Winning by Jack Welch, retired CEO of GE when the book first came out. It is a great book that teaches management strategy at the highest level. One of my favorite quotes from his book is “A good rule of thumb is not to hire someone into the last job of his or her career…”

A close friend gave me the book by Dr. William Cohen, The Stuff of Heroes.I have read it and re-read it many times. Hands down, it is the best book I have ever read on mission-based management. I have purchased this book for friends or recommended it to many of my colleagues.

Harvey B. Mackay’ book, Swim with the Sharks: Without Being Eaten Alive: Outsell, Outmanage, Outmotivate, and Outnegotiate Your Competition!is a great book. I read this book when it came out and found it had many insights into business and sales strategy.

I read Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Tipping Point with interest since I have work with many business startups. The ideas contained in the book about reaching a point of “tipping” a market or business to profitability inspired me.

Although Robert Cialdini’s book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion came out in the early 1980’s, I did not read it after I had written my outline for the R3R1 strategy. (I wish I would have read this book in the early eighties.) I discovered this book after reading an article on CNBC’s website about a speech given by Charlie Munger to Harvard University. I immediately watched the video where Charlie referred to Robert Cialdini’s book which led me to it, and I immediately read it. I met Alan Greenspan in New York City at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in 2007 after he recently retired as Secretary of the Treasury. I attended a speech he gave which was sponsored by Bank of America. At the time, I was serving as the CEO of Crown Philanthropic Solutions in New York City. Whenhis book, The Map and the Territory 2.0: Risk, Human Nature, and the Future of Forecasting came out, I was interested in reading it. In this book, he relays his lifetime of learning, and I highly recommend this book to anyone who is in business. It was such an enjoyable read and confirmed many of my beliefs about finance.

Buffettology and The Tao of Warren Buffet both written by David Clark and Mary Buffett explains how billionaire investor, Warren Buffett, eases risk and values assets. Although I read these books in 2007, I wish I would have had this information thirty years earlier, because I have used it ever since. The information has been highly useful to me, and anyone who runs a business or who wants to own one should read these books.

After reading an article on CNBC’s website, I watched the video recording The Psychology of Human Misjudgment a speech by Charlie Munger that he delivered at Harvard University. I have watched this video on YouTube, and I have recommended it to many of my colleagues. I have worked hard to learn and implement Charlie Munger’s misjudgment strategies. The final book on this list would be R3R1: The Sales Formula for Success. I wish I had this information and knowledge early in my career; it would have made a huge difference.


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