Russell M. Rush

Russell M. Rush is the Managing Partner of R3R1 Consulting Group, LLC of Austin, Texas. In addition to being recognized as a leading sales expert, in his role as Managing Partner of R3R1 Consulting Group, Russell is responsible for R3R1’s direct consulting business, with a primary focus in the senior living industry. R3R1 assists its clients with launching new senior living communities and/or turning around existing businesses. Additionally, Russell oversees sales education for R3R1, which includes writing, publishing, and developing training programs for sales professionals in various industries. In this role, Russell published the book, R3R1: The Sales Formula for Success. He also produced over seventy sales training videos, an educational blog, and a live sales process training course.

Russell Rush began his career in financial services with the New York Life Insurance Company. During this time, he developed a software cash flow approach to retirement and estate planning. InsMark, Inc. of San Ramon, California bought his financial planning software system, and thousands of business professionals currently use it.

Russell also co-founded a financial planning company, Crown Financial Group Inc. to work on a national level with high net worth private clients. He has spoken to various financial planning, legal and accounting groups across the country and has also published articles on economic and charitable planning issues in many journals including Planned Giving Today, National Underwriter, Broker World, and Estate Planning Quarterly.

Russell was instrumental in the development of a new operational process for charitable organizations, refining the process of Open Architecture™. In connection with this operational process, he delivered lectures to universities, colleges, and other philanthropies explaining the benefits of donor-advised fund programs. Russell has published newsletters read by many of the nation’s leading charities. Through the founding of Crown Philanthropic Solutions, he completed the process for philanthropies to install and market successful donor-advised fund programs and integrate the DonorFirst™ program into existing administrative and marketing systems. Recently, Crown Philanthropic Solutions sold DonorFirst™ to RenPSG of Indianapolis, Indiana.


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