R3R1: The Sales Formula for Success

In this guide to improving performance at the point of the sale, you’ll learn how to resolve unspoken objections and reduce concerns about the risks in buying.

In This Book You Will Discover


How to Build Better Relationships

Learn about new strategies for forming the relationship which leads to increased sales.


The Foundation of Reasoning

Infuse energy in your sales presentations using a solid approach to reasoning.

Sales training videos

Ways to Resolve Obstacles

Understand what barriers exist and discover how to resolve obstacles to closing the sale.

R3R1 the Sales Formula for Success

A Dynamic Sales Process

Know the sales processes and use them in their interactions with prospects.

Author Spotlight

As a veteran in sales, Russell has written extensively about his insights on observational behavior of prospective customers. Russell explains how his senior living sales strategies constantly produce results. Russell focuses on the importance of a sound sales process – the blueprint of his success.

Russell M. Rush

The Ultimate Guide

Readers Say

I have personally experienced the results of using the R3R1 process. My suggestion – read the book, watch the videos, and apply the information exactly and the results will follow. You will wow yourself with the applied results!

Tammy C.

I am really learning a lot from your video training’s and wanted to let you know that so far they are effective and understandable… content is new and relevant and overcomes many of the frustrations that I am experiencing in the sales world.

Nancy A.

Improving Performance at Point of Sale

Increase revenue and decrease customer acquisition costs by using the R3R1 senor living sales training program. Learning the R3R1 formula will give you better sales results – it is that simple.
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