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R3R1 educates senior living salespeople on the benefits of a sales process based on behavioral observation. The R3R1 sales education program teaches individuals engaged in senior living sales an effective method to address deep-rooted “commitments” of prospects and their influencers. R3R1 has not only discovered the stumbling block that prevents most prospects from buying senior living services but has also developed a ground-breaking solution to “The Prior Commitment Effect.” Learn how to solve this underlying issue and substantially increases sales conversions through the R3R1 training course.

The Learning Zone

In order to help your sales staff retain the concepts and ideas based on the R3R1 sales formula, we have developed an online library of over 90 videos that your team can access on-demand. 


We teach sales process.


We emphasize performance.


We encourage continual learning.


We explain the path.

Reviews & Testimonials

Brian Hall
CEO, Rehab1 LLC.
Joseph DelViscio
Community Engagement Director, Rehab1 LLC.
I have personally experienced the results of using the R3R1 process. My suggestion – read the book, watch the videos, and apply the information exactly and the results will follow. You will wow yourself with the applied results!
Tammy C.
I am really learning a lot from your video training's and wanted to let you know that so far they are effective and understandable… content is new and relevant and overcomes many of the frustrations that I am experiencing in the sales world.
Nancy A.
The R3R1 video training series is full of concise, easy to absorb information. The pacing is clear, logical and effective. It is also a growing library of knowledge that every business should access to increase their sales efficiency and make more money!
Damon C.

R3R1: The Best Time-Tested Senior Living Sales Process Tips and Strategies

Leading-edge sales coaching ideas for any senior living sales situation. Cutting through the non-sense that happens during the presentation delivery and learn resolving obstacles to closing the sale.
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