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Sales Psychology and Sales Process 101

If you are completely satisfied with your team’s sales performance, there is no reason to read the rest of this article. However, if you believe in improvement and better results, then give this your consideration. Over the last many years, when I “talk shop” with a salesperson about various aspects of sales psychology and sales

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Detecting Motives

When someone does something exceptionally good (or awful), we might ask ourselves what was motivating them? Or we wonder what drove an individual to take that course of action. I am sure you would agree that we want people to take the next steps to buy our products or services. Therein lies the fact that

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Transitioning to the Next Normal

After the COVID-19 pandemic progressed, everyone began discussing a new normal. This “new normal” idea irritated me, and my initial response was, “how can we say that there will be a new normal when we do not even know how widespread this virus is going to be or how dangerous it is.” Here we are,

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Learn Some of the Best Time-Tested Sales Process Tips and Strategies

Discover exciting sales coaching ideas that can be applied in any sales situation. Cut through the non-sense that happens during the presentation delivery and learn how to resolve obstacles to closing the sale.

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