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Essentials of Selling

The First Thing You Hear

Over two thousand nine hundred years ago, a man ruled a kingdom in the Middle East. His name was Solomon, and he reigned over the Nation of Israel from 970 to 931 BCE. During that …

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Essentials of Selling

Avoid Negative Triggers

Do you like it when someone tells you what to do? My guess is that you do not. In this article, we will explore when prospects perceive that they are being told what to do.  …

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Essentials of Selling

Overconfidence Kills

Here is a question for you to think about: How many individuals on your current sales team were with your company three years ago? If the answer is not many, then you need to give …

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Learn Some of the Best Time-Tested Sales Process Tips and Strategies

Discover exciting sales coaching ideas that can be applied in any sales situation. Cut through the non-sense that happens during the presentation delivery and learn how to resolve obstacles to closing the sale.

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