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Trust is a Must

The global public relations and marketing firm, Edelman, releases an annual report they refer to as the “Trust Barometer.” A recent report indicates that trust in governments, businesses, and not-for-profits is on the decline. We may not be surprised by the results of the Edelman report. However, the fact that trust in business is declining

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What Can You Learn From an Infomercial?

Have you ever bought something and later regretted it? No doubt, we have all had that happen to us with something we have bought, whether small or large.  Once a buyer has a bad experience naturally, they want to avoid having a similar thing happen again. You know the saying, “Fool me once shame on

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Conveying Values

Do your prospects know your principles? It seems like a strange question, but what you stand for, or your values, is core to who you are as an individual and has an impact on whether people like you or want to do business with you. The ideas that I am sharing are not “entry-level” sales

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Learn Some of the Best Time-Tested Sales Process Tips and Strategies

Discover exciting sales coaching ideas that can be applied in any sales situation. Cut through the non-sense that happens during the presentation delivery and learn how to resolve obstacles to closing the sale.

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