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Activity vs. Efficiency

When the going gets tough, the tough may aimlessly wander all over the place, and unfortunately, due to recent events, it might be tough going for a while. As a result, I see many companies do what I call “falling into the activity trap.” Yes, they are grasping for new business by implementing extra marketing

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The Storyteller

If you are like me, you love to hear a great story. I am sure you would also agree that the telling of a good story is a real talent. Some accounts are so compelling that they are later turned into books or movies. I was curious as to who some of the top storytellers

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Doing More with Less

How many times have you heard the saying necessity is the mother of invention? I think we can all agree to the truthfulness of that saying. Because of recent events, today, more than ever, companies and employees are being called upon to be inventive as they are required to do more with less. As I

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Learn Some of the Best Time-Tested Sales Process Tips and Strategies

Discover exciting sales coaching ideas that can be applied in any sales situation. Cut through the non-sense that happens during the presentation delivery and learn how to resolve obstacles to closing the sale.

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