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Sales are the most important part of any business, because without increasing top line revenue your business cannot survive and grow. Using the R3R1™ formula, your sales team will convert more prospects -ones that are already responding to your current advertising program.

Using the process of Relate>Reason>Resolve =Results™ our focus is on point of sales strategies. Our clients retain staff and save money that would otherwise be spent not only on recruitment of staff, but also on additional marketing and advertising programs.

R3R1 Mission:

  • Retain sales personnel
  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs
  • Increase conversion rates at point of sale


Sales training videos
Russell M. Rush

Russell M. Rush

Russell M. Rush is the Managing Partner of R3R1 Consulting Group, LLC. In addition to being recognized as a leading sales expert, in his role as Managing Partner of R3R1 Consulting Group, Russell is responsible for R3R1’s direct consulting business, with a primary focus in the senior living industry. R3R1 assists its clients with launching new senior living communities and/or turning around existing businesses. Additionally, Russell oversees sales education for R3R1, which includes writing, publishing, and developing training programs for sales professionals in various industries. In this role, Russell published the book, R3R1: The Sales Formula for Success. He also produced over seventy sales training videos, an educational blog, and a live sales process training course.

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Relate>Reason>Resolve = Results™

The Sales Formula for Success™



The various connections in which persons are brought together in business and social relations.



An explanation of a situation or circumstance which made certain results possible or appropriate.

Sales training videos


To deal with a question, a matter of uncertainty, conclusively; settle, solve.

R3R1 the Sales Formula for Success


A desirable or beneficial consequence, outcome, or effect.

R3R1 the Sales Formula for Success

Case Study 1

R3R1 was engaged for the launch of a 126-unit senior housing community for a client with a proven business model. Although our client operated a successful business model for many years, interest from local consumers for this property was less than anticipated from initial marketing efforts.

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R3R1 the Sales Formula for Success

Case Study 2

R3R1 was engaged to provide one-on-one sales training for a client’s newer salesperson, a smart, well- dressed articulate individual in his mid to late twenties. When I met him, I discovered that he had some background in sales. He was working on his first assignment, launching a new senior housing community.

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Improving Performance at Point of Sale

Increase revenue and decrease customer acquisition costs by enrolling in the R3R1 sales training program. Learning the R3R1 formula will give you better sales results – it is that simple.
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